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My personal healing path

simple exercise can take body pain away, no other equipment needed

I am Nacho, the owner of Grizzly Studio, which is a private gym and postural alignment therapy center based in Hong Kong.


Before opening my own studio in 2020, I played rugby professionally for 13 years in Europe's top leagues until I was forced to stop my career due to an injury. After recovering from the surgery, I continued to experience pain in my lower back, neck, and elbows, but I thought this was normal for elite athletes over the age of 30 (after all... who doesn't get hurt playing a contact sport like rugby)...until the pain became unbearable.


I spent many years trying physiotherapy, acupuncture, osteotherapy and numerous other holistic treatments but I could not find long-term pain relief, let alone restored mobility. Until I was introduced to the Egoscue Method of postural alignment therapy. After learning about the program, I decided it was worth learning more and becoming a therapist to treat myself. So in fact, I was my first patient!

In the first 4 months of my self-therapy I followed the prescribed postural alignment programs as I had preset them. I quickly discovered the root causes of my pain, the locations in my body that were misaligned. I understood how they caused dysfunction and musculoskeletal compensation in other parts of the body that I did not expect. For the first time in years, I experienced a pain-free life, which drives me to share this powerful and effective postural alignment therapy to others at Grizzly Studio.

- Nacho Ignacio Elosu

And you can find me as a Certified Postural Alignment Therapist of The Egooscue Method in the below website too ! 
( The one and only one in HK)

simple exercise can take body pain away, no other equipment needed
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