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How does it work? & FAQ

Getting started to a pain free life

The Egoscue Method is for anyone who is suffering chronic pain or whose functional mobility is limted.

With this method, our therapist has helped hundreds of people find alternatives to surgeries and injections.

We know that you are excited and really looking forward to live a life without body pain.

But before you begin, here are some important things to know.

It is a one on one- tailor made - personalized therapy

At your first appointment


#1       How it works ?

This therapy works via a constant training of certain muscles to bring your bones and hence the body in their correct and natural position. So, it is not through force from outside likes the massages, but through the force from your own body. Using your trained muscles to bring your posture in a good and natural position. As we therapist always says, muscles tell the bones what to do, to bring to the natural position. 

#2       I don't know if I need a therapy ....

Come and have a free assessment, we can do a photo assessment and the fact will help you to make a decision!

#3       How much it costs ?

We have different packages available,  8 weeks  with 1 to 3 classes a week. Come and have a free assessment and see how many classes you and your body need !

We will have a conversation explaining what is the therapy about and how it works.
Give the client the time to ask any questions they may have. 
Then we do the photos assessment, with just 4 photos we can see any dysfunctions and compensation in the body.
Also, there will be a few movements to perform to check the body mobility . 
In base of that assessments, we can create a custom made program for each client to lead them to a pain free life.

I am the one and only one Certified Postural Alignment Therapist
of The Egoscue Method in Hong Kong

Tell us about your body pain ...

Get in touch so we can take away your body pain together.

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